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52 Weeks of Fun!

Summer Yoga in the garden


Children at Balderton Village Day Nursery are now taking care of some little chicks that they have incubated for the last 3 weeks. The children have had the responsibility of checking the incubator for water and to make sure that it is still turning. They were very excited when they started to hatch after their incubation period. We arrived at nursery on Tuesday morning to find one little chick. Once we know how many chicks we have in total, the children, staff and parents will have a vote to decide on their names. We have already had some very funny suggestions from the children. We do this every year as part of the children's understanding. This year we had the eggs of Transylvanian Naked Necks, which we asked for the child and their parents to research anything that they could find about them. We cannot wait to see what they look like.

Chinese New Year

Children at Balderton Village Day Nursery have had great fun celebrating Chinese New Year. They all took turns in our Chinese Dragon, parading around nursery to bring in good luck for the new year. Pre-School made their own dragons to take home, Middle Room coloured in pictures of an Ox to celebrate the year and the Baby Room painted Chinese dragons using handprints. We played with pretend noodles and drew in rice as well as attempting to use chopsticks to eat our lunch.

Pre School and Middle Room showing off their decorations.

Leading the dragon.

Holding his dragon.

Big Garden Birdwatch

Children at Balderton Village Day Nursery have had great fun doing the Big Garden Birdwatch. We made sure that there were plenty of seeds outside for them to find. We then set up a bird watch station in the corner where the birds wouldn't spot us. We had two children in the watch for 10 minute slots where they tallied the birds that they spotted. We recorded all of the birds that we saw and then posted the results whilst out on a walk. 

Rachel Yarnell 
Pre-School Leader

Using his binoculars.

Pretending to have binoculars in our bird watch.

Recording the birds that we can see.

Poppy Day

Children at Balderton Village Day Nursery have had great fun over the last few weeks, exploring farming and Harvest. They have had two very exciting visits from Josie Troop, who is The East Midlands Student and Young Farmers Ambassador. On her first visit, she came on National Farming Day and spoke to the children about the different things that she grows and harvests, in which the children explored wheat and rape seed that she brought in from her farm. Then a couple of weeks later she drove her tractor to nursery for the children to explore. All of the children got to sit in the driving seat and test out the controls, as well as seeing if they could fit inside the wheel or stretch their arms up to the top. Josie explained to the children how the tractor worked and what is used for on the fa

Children in the Discovery Room talking and learning about their own family and others, by looking and sharing at the Family Photo book .

Meeting the Post Lady.

Babies baking

Pumpkin picking

Wow!! What a busy summer we have had...!! We have been to space, been mad scientists, had a beach party in the sunshine and had lots of fun trips out on the bus to town, the castle and the library.